How to choose the lighting for kitchen, dinning room, bathroom and foyer?

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modern bathroom wall sconces

Table lamps in the restaurant required level of illumination, it is strongly advised to use the direct down light illumination lamps or lighting down which pull down the table height, the lamps positions are generally just above the dining table. Shades could be equipped with smooth surface of glass, plastic or metal material, in order to keep scrub. Floor lamps lighting can also be used in the vicinity of the wall which can be configured warm color bulb, when it would be more lively atmosphere dinner guests, and it can increase much appetite.

Kitchen, modern bathroom wall sconces and hallway generally use ceiling lights, because these places need lighting small brightness with large water vapor and dust, ceiling lights are easy to be cleaned, it helps to protect the lamp.

modern bathroom wall sconces

Kitchen lighting can be installed in a place away from the steam and smoke,we could choose glass or enamel lamp shade, which is easy to be scrubbed and suffer corrosion. Bathroom should be bright and soft lighting, while the lamp could suffer moisture and rust.

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